• Very informative article, i have one bulged disk on left side and had sciatica pain few years back. I was thinking of buying an elliptical trainer with bike like seating options. After reading your article, i think i can workout with that as my triglyceriads and LDL are double the normal amount

    • Malodau

      i would recommend an elliptical trainer every time. I have my doubts about the seating options because sitting down and making efforts, when you have a bulging disk…I don’t believe that helps but you don’t have to sit to workout so…yeah, I think it would be a good choice, especially if you have the budget for a good quality elliptical trainer.
      For your back and for your health, It’s a real good investment, on the long term.

      • What should i look for in an elliptical trainer, my budget is not more than $400. I am thinking to buy this one where you can separate the seat easily. Can you tell me if its good enough for me
        https://www.daraz.pk/gold-star-fitness-elliptical-trainer-bk66a-6503039.html ($450)
        or can i buy this budget one
        https://www.daraz.pk/miha-taiwan-mt-01-fitness-bike-taiwan-black-160373.html ($160)
        In Pakistan, we have limited options right now

        • Malodau

          I’ve only been using high quality elliptical trainer in a Gym club, so my opinion on that equipment is only worth for those.
          I know it’s not what you want to hear and I’m sorry but I can’t recommend either of those you link to: I haven’t tried them.

          But I have tried similar elliptical trainers (and by similar, I mean low budget), and well, it’s a different experience. In my opinion, they do more arm than good, sorry.

          Does Amazon not ship to Pakistan ?

          • There are good gyms with high quality equipment in other cities like Lahore and Islamabad. There are good Elliptical available here, in the range of $1000 to $3000 but they are way too expensive for me. My main concern is to maintain my cholesterol at normal levels.
            Mostly Amazon don’t ship to Pakistan but i normally use ebay as most of the small items are shipped from China or UK.
            But thanks a lot for your opinion. I might reschedule my walk and take it to two sessions of 15 minutes each rather than wasting $400 on these machines.

          • Malodau

            Walking is good to manage cholesterol but since you asked my opinion before; I would say that 15 minutes is not enough. Should be at least 45 minutes each session, even at a low pace.
            If your condition does not allow you to walk more than 15 minutes, then I don’t think you would be able to practice on an elliptical trainer for more than 3 minutes: it’s quite harder for the body than just walking.
            So like you said: don’t waste your money, try to expand your walking time progressively instead.