Back pain videos

degenerative disc disease

Back pain: degenerative disc disease video

In this video, we talk about degenerative disc disease, what is is, why it happens, what is the treatment and what can be done to live without and get some back pain relief

5 minutes morning back stretch routine

Morning back stretch routine for flexibility

This is a 5 minutes back stretches routine for flexibility, good workout for deep muscles of the spine, back of the thighs & up to the shoulders muscles. Also helps preventing back pain.

paresthesia numbness or tingling in leg or foot

Paresthesia: tingling or numbness in the foot or leg

Loss of sensation in an arm or leg, tingling, pins and needles in the foot or hand: paresthesia is an often temporary loss of sensation in a limb (arm, hand, foot, leg) characterized by unpleasant sensations of tingling, pins and needles, numbness, even in the toes.

sciatica pain relief exercises image

Sciatic nerve pain relief video: McKenzie’s exercises

Sciatic nerve & herniated disc pain relief exercises from McKenzie’s aim at reducing pain in the lower back, thighs & legs,  by assuming postures that will arch the lower back. By doing so, there is less pressure on the vertebrae and this allows (according to McKenzie) the herniated disc to