For sciatica pain relief

Sciatic Nerve Stretch

This sciatic nerve stretch will help you get pain relief from sciatica caused by a piriformis syndrome. 

Step 1 Flat on your back 

Bring up your right leg to have your foot flat on the floor and gently bring the left ankle on your right knee.

Assuming sciatica pain is shooting in your left leg...

Step 2 Lift your right leg 

You'll feel the stretch in your sciatic nerve, in the opposite leg and in the back of your left thigh.

Keep breathing!

Step 3-1 Increase Intensity

Push left knee away, hold & bring it back. You can use a chair to make a stretch more comfortable and be able to hold it for a longer time.

Gently push with your hand on your left knee...

Step 3-2 Increase Intensity

With your left hand, gently push your left knee to the right. Hold for a few seconds and release (& repeat)

Gently push your left knee to the right

Don't overdo it

Don't hurt yourself

Keep breathing at all times

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