Dental veneers cost, feedback, before & after

The dental veneers used in dental aesthetic make it possible to restore the smile in the adults who suddenly realize that a beautiful smile, clean teeth, a clean and neat mouth, changes your life.

Especially when the smile is not up to the smiles that one is used to seeing on screens today.
And not that on the cinema screens …

The following generations of mine have been increasingly fortunate to have parents who have taken care of their children’s teeth at an early age, both from a hygienic and aesthetic point of view, but for the people of my age. Generation … for my parents, visits to the dentist were justified only in case of toothache and they were not the exception.

With the arrival of the internet, the perception that others have of us has completely changed.

Today, people of my generation who have not had the opportunity to heal their teeth and smile find themselves faced with criteria of appearance and seduction that they have not been prepared for, , That a price, some are willing to pay dearly to have a beautiful smile and teeth very white.

Who is looking for a job, who is looking for love or adventure, who seeks to grow a business on the internet, we all have our photo on Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube or Instagram and a beautiful smile, beautiful Teeth, it helps .
While a smile not terrible, … it condemns.

Thanks to the dental aesthetic (and a little money), we have the possibility to be in the standard of these standards of appearance and seduction and offering a restoration of the smile. But that is not taken care of by the mutual (or very little), and to rebuild its teeth, it costs an arm … An arm that I decided to sacrifice in order to offer me a great gift for my 50 years.

Even if it’s worse, I do not have a fantastic smile and I do not think it’s going to work out as we age. My teeth will not bleach or straighten out on my own and it freaks me out in 10 or 15 years and imagines what I might look like: I agree to age but if I can do something to mitigate the effects time…

How to choose a dental cosmetic surgeon?

A restoration of the smile is a surgical act and the first question I asked myself in the process was to know to whom I would entrust the job.

The best thing is to trust someone, but if you do not know a dentist or if you do not know someone who has had a smile, who is satisfied with his experience and could recommend you A trusted dentist surgeon …

A relationship of trust

We are dealing with a dental surgeon, someone who will change our lives, there is no question of rushing and accepting the first comer.

A new smile is expensive and you have to know how to pay a little to get an idea, even if you do not feel it.
My first choice offered me veneers porcelain (400 €) facet, that is, at the bottom of the price range.

He did not have any difficulties, he did not seek to treat the gums and had no problem to pose veneers on 2 teeth that obviously will not go on forever.

He had very few examples of a “before / after” smile (and not terrible in addition) to show me and, at the height of it, it was that he himself had made himself smile but did not smile frankly, Full teeth, smile kind ultra-brite. And for good reason: the teeth on the upper jaw were too short, the line of the smile was not respected at all and so, okay, 400 € facet porcelain, it is cheap but if c Is to smile keeping my mouth shut, I can do it without spending money.

Morality: if the guy who needs to restore the smile does not have a nice smile: drop it! (Even if the price is attractive)

2nd attempt, in a dental office of standing: there there were neither one nor two: I returned for a consultation of the smile and I came out with 13 radios and 2 rdv for a dental curettage.

Then, the dentist fixed me rdv for a consultation during which he would tell me finally (!) What it would cost me to make me restore the smile at home, with the different options proposed and a detailed visualization of the final result To the DSD (Digital Smile Design) technique.

This consultation cost me 300 €, he explained the different procedures (here a bridge, there are dental veneers, there a dental crown, here an implant, in short, a total estimate of 22 000 € and a picture of me And my new smile … hmmm … if it had not made me lose months in my project (it happened 6 months between my 1st visit and this consultation) and cost as much money for nothing , It would have been to die of laughter.

Paradoxically, he too had teeth very white and clean but also too short: the line of smile was not respected at all either. (Unlikely)

This experience cooled me a little and I put this project in the fridge, convinced in fact that this story of perfect smile was just a chimera and a hen with golden eggs for dentists (or pseudo Cosmetic surgeon) but that the patient, it … it would cost him just dear and it would be a source of permanent frustrations because when it is done, it is done, and that if it is missed …

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a smile restoration technique based on a simulation made directly from a photo of the patient’s current smile.

It’s practically Photoshop, except that the software is obviously designed to provide all the parameters to redesign the ideal smile: tooth positions, tooth alignment, tooth colors, tooth length, preview of the smile line, And other possible and imaginable corrections.

The goal is to give the candidate an idea as realistic as possible of the smile that he will have at the end of treatment and to be able to modify all these parameters of color and alignment of the teeth at will before passing to the definitive smile.

One can also simulate a few minimal imperfections here or there, or add structure to the veneers, to avoid a perfect and artificial smile.
A beautiful, perfectly natural smile, in short.

This concept convinced me in my time, unfortunately the practitioner I had to do was not very flexible and I could not convey to him the vision of the smile that I wanted to arrive (which is really the Concept of Digital Smile Design).

But I had not lost everything in the adventure since I had understood a primordial thing: if there is a good feeling, if we feel that the surgeon is a “well awake” and we can discuss how, Of why, and that we have a guarantee of result …

One year later…

About a year later, this story of restoring the smile and dental veneers came back titillating me.
It must be said that since then, I have happily crossed the 50-year mark and, as expected, my teeth have not re-aligned themselves, nor have they regained the whiteness of their 20 years as if by magic.

I resumed the search for a dental aesthetic surgeon and I took appointment in a dental office in Brussels, after I inquired about how the restoration of the smile happens at home.
What mattered to me was to be able to live with a model of my future smile for a few days, the time to decide the shape of the teeth, the colors of the teeth and to be able to test and re-test about as much That I wanted before moving to the laying of the dental veneers, for the final smile.
And this dental office offers just that!

I accepted without thinking too much: I had a good feeling with the dental aesthetic surgeon and anyway at some point you have to decide.
I received an estimate that I accepted: a 15,000 euros, plus a sum to be spent in one of his colleagues endodontist for devitalize 2 teeth .

[x_alert heading=”What is an endodontist?” Type =”info”] An endodontist is a dentist specializing in the treatment of the inner part of the tooth. We go to an endodontist to treat a tooth that can no longer be kept alive because in too bad condition or, in my case, to devitalize it because it will have to be cut to support the laying of a tooth Bridge. [/themify_box]

 Teeth devitalize

Before laying dental veneers to restore the smile, make sure that the teeth are healthy and in good condition. Now, as far as I’m concerned, tooth n ° 12 moves. It is well wedged between the teeth 11 and 13 and it is probably for that it never fell but to put a facet on it, without treating it, it is not a good idea.

Moreover, this tooth is a little too inclined towards the inside for my taste (like the tooth n ° 13) and to be sure to have straight teeth, it seemed more judicious to put a bridge rather than Quibble with veneers.

As for tooth n ° 11, it is not seen on the wax up but it is not strong to its advantage either.


At the second appointment, the dentist took a borrow from the upper maxilla (one starts with the top, for the bottom one will see later).
At the 3rd rdv, the dentist showed me the dental wax up on which we were going to work.

I’m struggling to achieve but it’s really gone, the adventure begins!

Dental veneers price: how much does it cost?

I guess I’ll fall back on the ground when I go to the endodontist in ten days, and when I make the first payment of 5000 € by a few days.

[Caption id = “attachment_10861” align = “aligncenter” width = “592”] estimate restore smile Quote for smile restoration (upper teeth only) [/caption]

Well, I know, it’s expensive, it’s probably even overpriced. 995 € facet dentaire while there are ways to have veneers at 400 € …

But I’m starting to get an idea of ​​what it costs to rebuild the teeth and if we want to put all the chances of success of the project on its side, if we want to be able to test a model and re-test until full satisfaction before To have a definite smile in the mouth, we do not escape this price range.

Dental veneers: before & after

facettes dentaires avant après

5 months have passed since the writing of this article and I can finally show my new teeth. One can not reasonably write an article on the subject without showing a photo before after the veneers and so here is mine.
Not that I am particularly proud of the front but the later suits me pretty well.
It is really impressive to meet from morning to evening with beautiful teeth, white, clean, sharp and a harmonious smile. It changes a lot. All of a sudden, you can smile without fear, it’s great!

It is very expensive, it is true, but in the cost of dental veneers, we must include this new feeling of freedom that it has no price precisely, and that makes it really impossible to return Backwards.

Validation of the model in the mouth (mock up)

The dentist had made a model of resin from the imprint of my teeth realized. This mock-up is called a mock up and the surgeon proceeded to the size of the teeth, put the mock up in my mouth and I lived with it for a few days to see well to make sure that I would be at ease With the form and the color once the veneers definitively posed.

On the day, I go to his house, we validate the shape and color of my new teeth, he removes the mock up and starts to shape the new teeth on his computer. (It takes a few hours, however)

When finished, he sends the result to his machines (the famous Cerec) who will machine the teeth to reconstitute the smile designed on the computer.

Dental veneers are made on site.

e.max ceramic veneers Vivadent Ivoclear

This block of ceramic e.max Vivadent Ivoclear will be modeled by a Cerec machine until forming one of the teeth / veneers drawn on the computer by the dentist.

The machining of a facet lasts about 3 minutes while a bridge (3 teeth) will be machined in 45 minutes.

To avoid too long machining times or worse, one of the machines did not break down on the day said, the dentist had the good idea to equip 3 Cerec machines.

emax veneers

At the Cerec exit, emax dental veneers look like this. They are then heated in an oven at 900 ° C. to fix their final structure and it is during this process that they turn to the desired color (A2).
There’s way to get whiter than A2 but it’s too white for me.


This method has only advantages for the dentist and for the patient: not to return veneers in a laboratory, if one facet does not please the patient, it is thrown, reworked and reproduced Another thanks to the Cerec.
Two Cerec, to make veneers 2 times faster.
Ma Cerec can also make dental crowns, bridges, and dental implants, all on site.

We arrive in the morning and we leave the same day with a new smile!

Fabrication des facettes dentaires avec Cerec

This video shows in summary the modeling of new teeth on computer and shows how the Cerec will machine a facet by milling a block of Ceramic Emax, until obtaining the model designed by the dentist.

Laying dental veneers: does it hurt?

Everyone has his threshold of pain but toothache is hard for everyone. Often in the dentist, it is more fear than evil because apart from the pain at the time of the anesthesia, one feels nothing.
As far as I was concerned, the laying of veneers was anything but fun.
It is necessary to know that to put the veneers, the dentist has to cut the teeth concerned: this makes it possible to manufacture veneers a little thicker, in order to have a margin of maneuver to position the facet properly. The size of the teeth is the most unpleasant step in the entire process. Some teeth will only be covered by a facet on their front side and there, the size goes fairly quickly, but other teeth will be fully covered and must also be cut at the back, and this is a longer maneuver.

Before you begin to prune the teeth, the dentist has already anesthetized in several places, to clean, remove the mock up, etc. and after a while the anesthesia has fewer effects and it is necessary to re- Here and there.

Then, until the new teeth are designed and machined, the anesthesia loses again its effects and as the dentine is exposed there is interest in it being well asleep when putting veneers, otherwise it makes a Bad dog. And so we left for a few stings …

Afterwards, I imagine it depends on the sensitivity of each person and the empathy of the dentist, but here it is: to be posed veneers, it hurts. Not so much, not long, but I was happy when it ended.

Lumineers: dental veneers without preparation

To avoid the inconvenience associated with the size of the teeth, Lumineers offers dental veneers that can be directly glued to the teeth without these having to be prepared beforehand. But the installation of Lumineers veneers is not suitable for all scenarios (it would be too beautiful would not it?) And Lumineers are only a solution in the event that the restoration does not require big change (A healthy tooth that one would like a little better aligned, or a little bigger, or just more white.
The Lumineers is practically a cosmetic retouching. For more serious cases, it will be necessary to go through the size, but do not worry: when it is done, it is done and this feeling of freedom when you see smile in the mirror is so intoxicating that in all The process, the inconvenience caused by the size of the teeth, is really level of detail and is quickly forgotten.

On the days following the laying of veneers, the gums are still susceptible to hot & To the cold, and I had some apprehensions when bite to the teeth in the food but here too, it passes quickly.
The contact of the tongue with the ceramic on the back of the teeth is a bit disturbing at first but we get used to it quickly and here also, after a few days, it is of the order of detail.
At no time, after going out of the dental office, I did not feel bad or felt that something was going to take off.

Frequently Asked Questions about eMax veneers

Can I eat anything with my eMax veneers?

There is no restriction on the type or consistency of food you can eat with your eMax veneers: Avoid eating what you did not eat before with your real teeth (olive kernels, chicken bones, etc.). ) And everything will go just fine.

How long will the eMax veneers last?

Emax have a clinically proven life span of 10 years. It is likely that by taking care of its veneers as its teeth, the veneers emax can hold 2x longer

Can we go back?

The process of size is irreversible. When one chooses to rebuild one’s teeth, one changes one’s life. The surgeon can remove the current veneers and put others in, but he can not remount your old teeth.

Are veneers reimbursed by the mutual?

We must break his piggy bank. You can take additional dental insurance but it will only reimburse you 1000 per year.
Some employers grant reimbursement ranging from 25% to 50% of the amount of the dental restoration bill.

Can I have super white teeth with veneers eMax?

You can choose the shade that suits you, including super white.
Be careful however that teeth that are not affected will have to bleaching (bleaching) otherwise the difference will be obvious.
After that is a matter of taste.
As much as I find that the teeth very white goes very well in women, as much in men especially when one advances in age, I think we are better when it is not too white (perso I have A2 and I am very happy.)