Pain sitting down: back pain, knee pain & coccyx pain


Sitting is the new smoking. Pain in coccyx, knee pain, back pain: sitting on a chair for an extended time is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.Sure, you’ve heard this before? Do you know why they say that?Because just like smoking, sitting ruins our body, even if we try to compensate … Read more

Pure latex Bliss mattress review

Pure Bliss Mattress Review

My Pure latex Bliss mattress, (AKA The World’s best bed) finally arrived and after a few nights sleep, I’m ready to publish my review of this high class 13” 100% natural latex mattress. Why choose a pure Talalay latex mattress ? So, What is it about Talalay latex that made me switch from a memory … Read more

Best car for back pain: Mercedes B Class

Best car for back pain: Mercedes Classe B 2015

Back pain and driving are two things that don’t belong together. I’ve had back pain for ten years, and since day one, driving has been a real torture.And even when I started getting better, a few years later, sitting in the car & driving would still be a problem.Until last year, when I got my … Read more