Back & neck pain relief tips

herniated disc stretch

Herniated disc stretch: McKenzie extension

This stretch for disc herniation disc or bulging disc is inspired by the McKenzie method. You can do it multiple times during the day as long as it relieves pain in your lower back. If pain is worse, then this herniated disc stretch is not for you: you should not

Back of the skull

Occipital neuralgia treatment: try ultrasound therapy

Occipital neuralgia is a condition that affects the back of the skull and that will make your life miserable. Occipital neuralgia when one feels constant cervical pain, in the area of large and small occipital nerves (which corresponds to the neck to the bottom at the upper part of the

Neck pain relief stretch: deep suboccipital rotation

Deep suboccipital rotation I’ve found this stretch very effective to relieve constant pain in the neck. And moreover, it is so easy to do.What this stretch does, is increase the range of motion in the suboccipital triangle and suboccipital muscle group. Go down to all fours, keep your neck neutral

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