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Everything you need to know about back pain, herniated discs, sciatica and degenerative disc disease.

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Back conditions

Spinal cord under pressure of bulging disc

Do bulging discs heal ?

Bulging discs eventually heal themselves most of the time but there are a few requirements to reach a complete recovery of the herniated disc. Read on.

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Things That Help With Back Pain

6 Things To Try For Instant Back Pain Relief

Instant Back Pain Relief – 6 Things You Need to Try

6 simple things you should try that may help you get instant back pain relief
Seated piriformis stretch picture for sciatic nerve pain relief

Seated piriformis stretch for sciatica pain relief

Watch this video to understand why the piriformis syndrome causes sciatica and how to stretch the piriformis muscle to get sciatic nerve pain relief
upper back stretch step2

Upper back stretch video: get pain relief between shoulder blades

In this video, Julie shows how to perform her favorite upper back stretch that will help for pain in the upper back, help for neck pain and help for pain between the shoulder blades.

Neck pain relief stretch: deep suboccipital rotation

Deep suboccipital rotation I’ve found this stretch very effective to relieve constant pain in the neck. And moreover, it is so easy to do.What this … Read more


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Avoid exercises that require you to twist your spine and hold

Exercises & Yoga poses to avoid with lumbar herniated disc or lumbar DDD

There’s a number of exercises you’ll want to avoid if you have an herniated disc or lumbar degenerative disc disease, especially in your lower back.It … Read more
Yoga stretches for your back

Yoga Stretches Your Back Will Thank You For

Heads Up Downward Facing Dog Upward Facing Dog Pigeon pose Clamp pose Child’s pose Cat & Cow Stretch Learn how to stretch your back doing … Read more
Degenerative disc disease: causes, symptoms & things to avoid with DDD

Degenerative Disc Disease

In this video, we talk about lumbar degenerative disc disease, what is is, why it happens, what is the treatment and what can be done to live without and get some back pain relief
Sciatic Nerve Stretch with pictures For Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatic Nerve Stretch with Pictures

In this Video, Gwen shows us how to stretch the sciatic nerve by exercising the piriformis muscle stretch lying down.

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