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Jo Deluk

September,30 2005

I’m lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon with a back pain that won’t go away and the worst is about to happen.
I feel like a knife blade piercing my lower back, but also the right leg.

This intense pain attack will last for long minutes, during which I lie down, screaming in pain in this empty house and away from everything.

That day, something broke in my lower back. It was my 40 years old birthday and my life takes a turn that I had not planned.
Made of doctor appointments, postural re-education appointments, MRI and CT scan, osteopath appointments, chiropractors, rheumatologists, neurosurgeon, ENT, cardio-surgeon, orthopedist, anesthesiologists, neurologist, stomatologist, dermatologist, chiropodist, acupuncturist, physiotherapist, physiotherapist, read more

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