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Lower back pain quiz: what is wrong with your back ?

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You suffer from lower back pain and it’s making your life difficult but but you haven’t seen a doctor yet.
You don’t know why your back hurts or even if you should be worried.

You don’t want to go to a doctor, it’s going to be ok…But what if it it’s not ?
Should you be worried ?

Is it a bulging or herniated disc ?
Is it related to the nerves root ?
Is it muscular ?
Is it merely fatigue ?


Lower back pain: do painkillers help ?

Take the Lower back pain Quiz

This quick low back pain quiz can help you diagnose you back pain & figure out what is wrong with your back and whether you should se a doctor or not.

This is not a a medical back pain diagnosis
But if you're looking to diagnose your back pain online, this is a pretty close. For a precise medical diagnosis, you should see a doctor.

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