Aeron mesh seating curved edges

Aeron chair review – Is it the best desk chair for back pain?

The Aeron desk chair is still one of the most popular office chairs on the market today but what if you have a bad back ?Does the Aeron chair help sitting at your desk all day and relieve back pain ? I’ve been diagnosed with herniated discs and degenerative disc

Full suspension eMTB & back pain

Full suspension e-Bike: the perfect bike for back pain

Until I discovered the electric mountain bike, chronic back pain & sport were two things challenging to associate. Getting on a bike (and pedaling) was too difficult and painfull.
The electric mountain bike is something that completely changes my life.

hag h05 office chair

Hag h05 desk chair review – Is this chair good for back pain ?

The hag H05 desk chair is an ergonomic chair with a classic sober design. Every element of the chair is adjustable, although there are fewer adjustments knobs and paddles than on most ergonomic chairs: the Hag h05 is supposed to move with you and self adjust to your body posture

muvman tabouret assis-debout

Muvman sit stand stool review

The Muvman sit stand stool is the only ergonomic stool i’ve had, on which I can sit for hours without feeling low back pain or any other back inconvenience at the end of the day which makes it one of the very best stools for bad back (for me). And

kinnarps best chair for back pain in office

Best desk chair for back pain Kinnarps 9000

Desk chair reviews: Kinnarps 9334 I bought a Kinnarps 9000 office chair for 1730 € (2200 US$) a couple of months ago. It’s a freaking lot of money, I know. Not that I’m proud of it but I know the price is a bit hard to find when you google

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