Best desk chair for back pain Kinnarps 9000

Desk chair reviews: Kinnarps 9334

I bought a Kinnarps 9000 office chair for 1730 € (2200 US$) a couple of months ago.
It’s a freaking lot of money, I know.
Not that I’m proud of it but I know the price is a bit hard to find when you google it, so there you go.
The exact model is Kinnarps 9334.

It comes with most of the features you would expect from a high class desk chair, but I added a couple of options. (No matter what the price, there are always options!)
After 3 months of intensive use, I am happy to say that the Kinnarps 9334 is by far the most comfortable office chair I’ve had.

As I mentioned in my other office chair reviews, I was diagnosed with herniated disc and degenerative disc disease 7 years ago, and even though things got much better with my back since then, I’m still experiencing discomfort in my lower back when sitting all day at my computer.

But my quest for the best office chair in office goes on and today I’m writing this review about the Kinnarps 9334 office chair.

What my back likes about the Kinnarps 9334 desk chair

The leather headrest is adjustable on both axes: you can set it at the height you want but if you need more support, it can be adjusted closer to the neck then the axe of the backrest.

No, I’m not crazy! It’s a free exquisite head and skull massage, believe me.

This is a big plus for an office chair!
Sometimes I would adjust the headrest above my head and rub the top of my skull against it.
If you feel discomfort in the back of your head or on top of your skull, you probably know what I mean.

The wide armrests can be adjusted in every possible way and are filled with some material called TechnoGel® which makes the contact soft and smooth.
The armrests are designed to offer great support without locking the arms in the same position for hours, which prevents shoulders and neck pain.

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kinnarps 9334 desk chair

kinnarps 9334 desk chair





The backrest height is also adjustable and provides maximum support to the mid and upper back.

With this feature on, if you lean back in the chair, the pelvis tilts forward, kind of like when you exercice to correct an anterior pelvis tilt.

The feature that convinced me to buy this desk chair is the Free float function.
The Free float is a mechanism where the backrest and the seat pan follow the movements from the body independently from each other:.

You can keep this posture for as long as you want and believe me, at the end of the day, it makes a huge difference for the back, compared to other desk chairs I’ve used.

Watch the Free float function video demo

The free float function is one of the features which makes of the Kinnarps one of the best chair for back pain in office.

What I don’t like about the Kinnarps 9334 desk chair

There’s nothing I don’t like, really.
There is a lot of plastic for the adjustments knobs and paddles, which might make it look a bit cheap but I don’t mind.
I wasn’t ready to spend more money to make it look better then it does.

The Verdict

It’s not the purpose of this review to make anybody buy this desk chair, but for those who can afford it, this is a very good product and I would certainly recommend it: amongst the ones I’ve used so far, the Kinnarps 9334 is definitely the best chair for back pain in office.