Hag h05 desk chair review – Is this chair good for back pain ?

The hag H05 desk chair is an ergonomic chair with a classic sober design.

Every element of the chair is adjustable, although there are fewer adjustments knobs and paddles than on most ergonomic chairs: the Hag h05 is supposed to move with you and self adjust to your body posture whether you are sitting at your desk working at your computer, leaning back making a phone call, or just relaxing.

I used to suffer from lower back pain (herniated discs and degenerative disc disease) to the point that I couldn’t sit without severe back pain anymore. Neither on a desk chair, neither on a couch, neither on a bench: just nowhere. (That was 6 years ago, btw.)

I purchased a Hag h05, hoping it would help me sit at my desk (my job was really at stake)

I paid a bit more than 1000 € with almost all options, except for the leather option)

What I like about the Hag h05 desk chair

Of course it’s a 175 € headrest but it’s worth every cents.
I certainly like the adjustable headrest: without the headrest, the Hag looks like a regular chair, but with headrest it looks like a spaceship chair. And the headrest is adjustable all the way up, in case you’re really tall or have an unusually long neck.
A giraffe would probably be very comfy in that chair.
I also like the adjustable armrests. Height, width and depth of the armrests can be easily adjusted to any needs.
The seating height is probably one of the features of the h05 i like the most: the seating height can be adjusted up to 69 cm which makes the chair suitable to work at a sit stand desk, if you’re not too tall.

Hag h05 image gallery

hag-h05 maximum seating height

hag-h05 maximum seating height

hag h05 highest headrest setting

hag h05 highest headrest setting

hag h05 adjustable headrest

hag h05 adjustable headrest

What I don’t like about the Hag h05 desk chair

I had severe back pain and I bought an ergonomic office chair for over 1000 € without a lumbar support: can you believe that ?
Not only that, the curved design of the lower part of the backrest offers no support whatsoever to the lower back: if you have an anterior pelvic tilt, this will kill your lower back in no time.

You’ll want to avoid that and you’ll end up sitting on your butt or damage your neck & shoulders because of constant forward head posture.

You’ll want to lean back and rest but you won’t because this will enhance the anterior pelvis tilt and hurt.

None of my younger colleagues, with healthy backs ever found this chair comfortable.

And if you’re like me and do not want to spend more money on ergonomic chairs that kill you, you’ll just go ahead like this for months.
You know when you work in an office and have a better chair then your colleagues, and they will want to borrow it when you’re not there ?
This never happened with the h05.

A word on the Hag Capisco chair

I’ve had the opportunity to borrow a Capisco chair for a few days: before you buy a Capisco chair, you need to be aware that it is designed to be used for working at a standing desk.

If you try sitting on a Capisco while working at a regular desk, again, this it will kill your neck and shoulders and you’ll end up with forward head postures issues in no time.