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How to sleep with herniated disc & backpain

How to sleep with herniated disc, bulging disc, lower back pain

Best sleeping position with low back pain or herniated disc is not easy to figure out.Getting a good night’s sleep will help you make it through the next day easier than if you don’t sleep well or sleep at all.For me, sleeping an herniated disc & back pain has been

Aeron mesh seating curved edges

Aeron chair review – Is it the best desk chair for back pain?

The Aeron desk chair is still one of the most popular office chairs on the market today but what if you have a bad back ?Does the Aeron chair help sitting at your desk all day and relieve back pain ? I’ve been diagnosed with herniated discs and degenerative disc

Full suspension eMTB & back pain

Full suspension e-Bike: the perfect bike for back pain

Until I discovered the electric mountain bike, chronic back pain & sport were two things challenging to associate. Getting on a bike (and pedaling) was too difficult and painfull.
The electric mountain bike is something that completely changes my life.

5 minutes morning back stretch routine

Morning back stretch routine for flexibility

This is a 5 minutes back stretches routine for flexibility, good workout for deep muscles of the spine, back of the thighs & up to the shoulders muscles. Also helps preventing back pain.

herniated disc stretch

Herniated disc stretch: McKenzie extension

This stretch for disc herniation disc or bulging disc is inspired by the McKenzie method. You can do it multiple times during the day as long as it relieves pain in your lower back. If pain is worse, then this herniated disc stretch is not for you: you should not

degenerative disc disease

Back pain: degenerative disc disease video

In this video, we talk about degenerative disc disease, what is is, why it happens, what is the treatment and what can be done to live without and get some back pain relief


Back pain & exercise: what’s the best workout equipment for bad back ?

Best workout equipment links Exercise/fitness equipment available in the fitness clubs are a blessing for people suffering from back pain. Those who have chosen to move rather than stop moving, those wishing to keep/regain some mobility, young people or seniors willing to maintain functional physical fitness in a safe and supervised


Pain sitting down: back pain, knee pain & coccyx pain

Sitting is the new smoking. Pain in coccyx, knee pain, back pain: sitting on a chair for an extended time is one of the worst things you can do to yourself.Sure, you’ve heard this before? Do you know why they say that?Because just like smoking, sitting ruins our body, even

sciatica pain relief exercises image

Sciatic nerve pain relief video: McKenzie’s exercises

Sciatic nerve & herniated disc pain relief exercises from McKenzie’s aim at reducing pain in the lower back, thighs & legs,  by assuming postures that will arch the lower back. By doing so, there is less pressure on the vertebrae and this allows (according to McKenzie) the herniated disc to

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