Yoga – Triangle Pose

yoga posture du triangle

The Yoga Triangle Pose helps stretching and strengthening the muscles of the thighs, working the abdominal muscles and increasing the flexibility of the spine.Regular practice of the triangle pose increases our strength, improves our balance and increases our overall flexibility. #1 – Triangle Pose Start from the Mountain Pose, reach the arms to the sides … Read more

Back pain & exercise: what’s the best workout equipment for bad back ?


Best workout equipment links Exercise/fitness equipment available in the fitness clubs are a blessing for people suffering from back pain.Those who have chosen to move rather than stop moving, those wishing to keep/regain some mobility, young people or seniors willing to maintain functional physical fitness in a safe and supervised environment or just people wanting to … Read more

Neck & shoulders stretches & upper back exercise for Upper Crossed Syndrome & forward head posture

Here are 3 stretches for relieving neck, shoulders & upper back tension and chronic pain. Pain that is familiar to people who work all day sitting at a desk, facing the computer, or who suffer from stress. While sitting for hours, days, weeks at their office, they eventually develop the so-called upper crossed syndrome. Also … Read more