Cow-Cat Pose – Relaxing the spine

The cow-cat pose is the last stretch in this series of exercises to make your back more flexible.
Well known to yoga enthusiasts , the cat pose helps to increase flexibility and improve mobility throughout the spine.
Practiced regularly, the cat-and-cow posture helps you find the right posture by helping you become aware of the arch of your lower back: neither too much nor too little, just right.

Benefits of the Cow-Cat Pose

  • Relieve tension in the neck, shoulders, and back
  • Improve spinal flexibility
  • Stimulate digestion and improve circulation
  • Calm the mind and reduce stress

Regular practice of the cow-cat pose will help to improve overall spinal health and wellbeing.

Start the exercise on all fours, hands flat, wrists perpendicular to the shoulders, fingers slightly apart to have a good support, knees perpendicular to the hips.

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. We raise our heads
  3. We inflate the chest
  4. We contract the shoulder blades
  5. We dig into the lower back
  6. We maintain the pose
  7. Then exhale slowly, bring the head back between the shoulders, round the top of the back as much as you can
    We hold for a few seconds… We start again…

The cat and cow posture in pictures

posture of the cat departure

1. Starting position

To perform the cow-cat pose, you stand on all fours, hands perpendicular to the shoulders, knees perpendicular to the hips

posture of the cat we raise the head

2. Raise your head

Inhale, raise your head, dig into your lower back

posture of the cat head between the shoulders

3. Rounding the back

Round the back and tuck the head between the shoulders