degenerative disc disease

Back pain: degenerative disc disease video

In this video, we talk about degenerative disc disease, what is is, why it happens, what is the treatment and what can be done to live without and get some back pain relief

chest pain, stress & anxiety

Chest pain, stress & anxieties

Pain in the chest due to stress can be attributed to anxiety or anxiety since other pathologies or heart problems have been eliminated following the diagnosis made by a doctor.The pain felt is oppressive, dull, oppressive, heavy, and can cause a burning sensation under the sternum. This pain can easily

Redomex: antidepressant but also muscle relaxer

Redomex is part of the list of the so called off-label medications (effective drugs for diseases for which they were not originally designed).Redomex is actually an antidepressant but a neurologist may prescribe a lower dosage as a treatment complement for myofascial pain or fybromialgia.The usually prescribed dosage to use as

Why back pain is worse in the morning

Why back pain is worse in the morning

If you have back pain in the morning, and especially if your back pain is worse in the morning, try answering the following questions: Since when do I have back pain? Did I just wake up with back pain one morning, or was it a problem that gradually settled? Since

neurologic examination

Chronic headaches: have you seen a neurologist ?

A neurologist is an option for cases of chronic headaches, tension headaches or myofascial pain that one can not get rid of, or is unable to determine the cause.A neurologist is a doctor specializing in neurology and neurology is the medical discipline that studies all nervous system diseases, particularly brain