Redomex: antidepressant but also muscle relaxer

Redomex is part of the list of the so called off-label medications (effective drugs for diseases for which they were not originally designed).
Redomex is actually an antidepressant but a neurologist may prescribe a lower dosage as a treatment complement for myofascial pain or fybromialgia.
The usually prescribed dosage to use as muscle relaxer is 10 mg.

Redomex has the ability of changing the perception of pain in the patient, offering some relief that is always welcome, especially in the context of chronic pain, permanent, and without any break.

In the list of Redomex side effects, we find patients complaining of dry mouth and drowsiness periods, which can be a problem for people who need to drive or need to be able to focus for their job.

Some patients also report gaining unexpected weight and an obligation to increase the dose to continue to benefit from the painkilling effect.
In my particular case, I just started taking Redomex as a treatment to relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, constant headache / tension headaches.

The real benefit of this drug for me is that it helps me sleep until through the night and I do feel the side effect of dry mouth but it’s no big deal, really.

One of the benefits of Redomex is that it reduces the sensation of pain felt everywhere and it’s easier to spot an area in the body on which one can work (massage, stretch)

Be aware that higher dose, Redomex becomes a full antidepressant, with all related problems and side effects (including addiction) and if the 10mg do not help anymore, it’s a better idea to look for an alternative to Redomex rather than increase the dosage.

Update: 6 months later…I quit taking Redomex.

Sure, one pill every night would help falling asleep and sleep through the night but I notice waking-up was becoming more and more difficult.
After waking up, I would feel dizzy for another hour, like my brain was malfunctioning and not only was this a very annonying sensation, but also quite painful, for the head & skull.
It was like I was smoking again (I quit smoking 10 years ago).
So the benefits of Redomex in the evening had become the disadvantages of the morning.

As the pills I was taking were only 10mg, there was absolutely no problem with quitting Redomex: no addication, or anything like that.
For one thing, I used to regularly forget to take my pill so,…why even bother going on with this treatment?