Pure latex Bliss mattress review

My Pure latex Bliss mattress, (AKA The World’s best bed) finally arrived and after a few nights sleep, I’m ready to publish my review of this high class 13” 100% natural latex mattress.

Why choose a pure Talalay latex mattress ?

So, What is it about Talalay latex that made me switch from a memory foam mattress to a pure latex mattress ?

Well, first of all, latex has a very different feeling from all other mattress surfaces. It is very elastic, it accepts all forms without adopting them, it is very soft yet very durable, provides excellent support to the lower back, upper back, shoulders, pelvis and allows proper alignment of the spine throughout the night.

Latex is durable, latex is good for the planet, latex is eco-friendly.

I ‘ve been sleeping in a memory foam mattress for 10 years and it wasn’t actually doing it for me. But since it costed a lot of money at that time, I just managed, until I started wondering why do I sleep in a bed that I don’t really like ?

The cons of a memory foam mattress

  • It’s difficult to move or switch side while you sleep
  • Memory foam reacts to body heat and makes you sweat + there is no ventilation and all that sweat seems to stay in the mattress until it’s dried out and it takes some time: it’s just not healty.
  • I used to wake up with more & more back pain & neck pain every day.
  • God knows what kind of toxic products are used to produce memory foam and I don’t think it’s good for me to have my nose and mouth around this material while I sleep.

So, I started looking for an alternative to memory foam and as I was shopping for a new mattress, I stumbeled upon the Pure Talalay Bliss mattress collection.
The salesman invited me to try them out, telling me about the benefits of a 100% natural latex mattress and, I really was impressed by the confort & softness of the mattress I was lying on.

A few weeks later, as my back pain was coming back again more and more every morning, I remembered this Pure latex Bliss mattress and I decided to go for it.

Went back to the store and purchased the World’s Best Bed from Pure Bliss, for about 2800 € (around 3000 USD).

And I thought: this is really a lot of money! I’m going to write a review of this latex mattress and if there’s any thing wrong with this latex mattress, I will mention it.

The World’s Best Bed…really ?

That’s how they call this model at Pure Talalay Bliss.

It’s a 13″ thick mattress combining 3 different layers of latex for support, pressure relief and comfort.
Aan I’m happy to say that it works like magic !

It really feels like lying in a cloud of comfort. I don’t know how they achieved this, but it’s almost like I’m not lying on anything, yet, my body has total support everywhere.

Whether sleeping on the side, sleeping on the back or sleeping on the belly, I can feel the latex constantly keeping in contact with every inch of my body, providing support without resisting, just gently pushing me up, leaving me the freedom to move as I like.
By the way, the first night, I almost fell of my bed when switching side. I guess I was used to make an effort to change side in the memory foam mattress.

Anyway, I am happy to report that so far, this really is The World’s Best Bed for me (and I do have a sore back, this whole blog is actually about that.)

  • I wake up better than before and I feel rested.
  • Natural latex does not react to body heat, so, no more sweating during the night, the latex feels like a really healthy material
  • It doesn’t smell anything (I’ve heard that latex mattress have a slight smell, well, my doesn’t.
  • Pure latex or 100% natural latex is in the wind because it represents an organic alternative that has proven over traditional mattresses.
  • The 100% pure latex, that obtained from the sap of rubber trees, works perfectly in a mattress for people with allergies or asthma, since it is a naturally hypoallergenic material.
  • Pure latex is naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial materials.

Pure latex is also inherently resistant to dust mites that thrive and leave their eggs and feces in our conventional mattresses…

Watch the video review of the Pure Talalay Bliss latex mattress.

This video shows how pure latex is collected from the Hevea trees

Conclusion: expensive but worth the money!

A 100% pure latex mattress is expensive: do not buy impulsively. Take your time to research about the product and how the latex is obtained and mattresses are manufactured.
I absolutely do recommend to check out The Pure Talalay Bliss latex mattress: I know it’s not cheap, but if you are looking for a durable & organic mattress, with all the properties listed above, this is the price you’ll have to pay.