acupuncture oreille auriculothérapie

Ear acupuncture: my honest opinion on Auricular therapy

Ear acupuncture, auriculotherapy or even auricular therapy: These three terms refer to a therapeutic technique that is supposed to help alleviate pain and maybe even completely eliminate pain and cure chronic pain causes by stimulating acupressure points located within the human ear.. All the acupressure points of the ear are

emax veneers vs porcelain veneers review and cost

Cerec+Emax veneers VS porcelain veneers review & cost

Cerec+Emax veneers gone wrong and looked so fake that I ended up having them removed and replaced with traditional lab made veneers. Emax veneers made with the CEREC do not look as good as  laboratory made veneers. For me, the combination Cerec + Emax has proved to be a disaster:

Pure Bliss Mattress Review

Pure latex Bliss mattress review

My Pure latex Bliss mattress, (AKA The World’s best bed) finally arrived and after a few nights sleep, I’m ready to publish my review of this high class 13” 100% natural latex mattress. Why choose a pure Talalay latex mattress ? So, What is it about Talalay latex that made

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