Cerec+Emax veneers VS porcelain veneers review & cost

emax veneers vs porcelain veneers review and cost

Cerec+Emax veneers gone wrong and looked so fake that I ended up having them removed and replaced with traditional lab made veneers. Emax veneers made with the CEREC do not look as good as laboratory made veneers. For me, the combination Cerec + Emax has proved to be a disaster: you could spot how fake … Read more

Cedar plank salmon & grilled sardines recipe

cedar plank salmon & sardines on Barbecue

Wild salmon & sardines are the best ingredients for a healthy dinner: especially if not covered with lots of sauce or butter. I mean: I love barbecue, I love barbecue sauce, I love butter, but…you have to take care of your body and eat right. And there’s nothing like simple grilled fish (sardines) and a … Read more