Is back pain a sign of Covid?

Covid, lower back pain or upper back pain are closely related, even though back pain is not part of the list of Covid symptoms, even if one is infected but asymptomatic and ironically, even if one is tested negative for the Coronavirus.

Back pain and positive Covid test with symptoms

Muscle and joint pain are part of the list of symptoms of Covid-19. When the cause of the back pain is not neurological (as in the case of a herniated disc) and the back pain occurs over a few days, it is typically caused by inflammation in one or more muscles and joints located near the spine.

The amount of pain varies from one person to another depending on age, body type, lifestyle and general health, but overall, it can be described as ” somewhat ” acceptable: muscle and joint pain varies slightly in intensity compared to acute pain, which may be caused by an impairment in the nervous system.

The fact remains that muscle and joint pain is permanent, difficult to pinpoint and leads to fatigue, trouble and lack of motivation to be active, which only makes things worse.

It can’ t be stressed enough: insufficient physical exercise is one of the main causes of back pain and staying inactive for a sustained period of time can put you in a vicious circle that will be hard to shake off later on.

Back pain and negative Covid test (or positive but asymptomatic)

Back pain can develop in people who are Covid negative or positive but asymptomatic for the reasons listed above.

Lockdowns, teleworking 5 days a week, fear of going out are all reasons to reduce our lifestyle habits and restrict our movements and consequently our physical activity.

If you think about the constraints that are being imposed on you, you complain because you want to meet your friends, you want to hug and kiss, you want to go shopping with your best friend and what not?

Covid restrictions consequences on body & health

It doesn’t seem like much because we don’t usually pay attention to it but:

  • between walking or taking public transportation to the office or staying at home,
  • between going out with colleagues at lunchtime or staying home,
  • between picking up the kids at school or staying home,
  • between shopping all day or staying home,
  • between going to a party with friends or staying at home…

…there is a world of difference for our bodies and our minds.

Your body will have to settle for the physical exercise that you are willing to make and if that is not enough, trust me, it won’t take long for it to let you know that it is not OK.

And our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong is through inflammation.
And what is back pain if not inflammation?

This is how Covid can be responsible for your back pain…