Instant Back Pain Relief – 6 Things You Need to Try

The following is a series of effective tips and tricks for quick back pain relief in a very natural way.
It is easier to reduce back pain by relieving the spine, giving it other support points to unload the weight of the upper body because as simple as sound sounds, gravity is a major factor in back pain relief.

1. Instant Back Pain Relief Being in a Corner

  • Stand with your back to the corner of the walls and let yourself go backwards, so that each shoulder rests on one of the walls.
  • Let your head lean back, so that it leans on the wall too.
  • Be sure to keep your pelvis close to the walls: each side of the hips against its wall
  • The feet are in front of the rest of the body, so that the weight of the body is supported by the wall
  • Keep your shoulders, arms and hands stuck to the walls, so that as much weight as possible is transferred to them.
  • Breathe – In

2. Instant Back Pain Relief Using a Doorframe

Following the same principle of redistributing the weight of the upper body to other surfaces to reduce the effects of gravity on back pain, we are going to:

  • To press the back against the doorframe of a door (one lets oneself go backwards)
  • With the arms we will ” push the wall “, to increase the contact surface between the back and the doorframe

You’ll find that this feels great and provides a pleasant back massage.

If you have one of those foam rollers, now is the time to use them. You can either use it to massage your back or simply wedge it in where it provides the most relief.

3. Instant Back Pain Relief with a Thin Plank of Wood

To get instant back pain relief with a plank of wood you need…a plank (duh!) but not just any plank.

Length and width are not so important: thickness matters. The plank should be no thicker than 5mm.

Why ?

Because a thicker plank is uncomfortable and quickly ends up hurting your back, while a half centimeter thick plank is rigid enough to offer good support where your back needs it, without causing the discomfort of a thicker plank.

And since it also costs almost nothing, our friend Walter has several of them that he uses everywhere he sees fit for:

Also check out some of Walter’s tips for instant back pain relief (Youtube Clip)

To relieve your back pain, lean against a thin plank that rests on the edge of a piece of furniture and just rest there:your back will thank you!
A large part of the weight of the upper back is absorbed by the plank and these few minutes of relief are always welcome, especially when, like Walter, your back hurts 24/7 because of degenerative disc disease.

4. Quick Back Pain Relief while “Sit-standing”.

The sit-stand position is another way to get instant back pain relief. By resting your buttocks on a corner of a piece of furniture, you get benefits similar to those of a stool with a saddle-shaped seat (the Move stool is a real must in this respect!)

This posture can be assumed anywhere, anytime, and you don’t even have to have back problems to enjoy it.

This position relieves back pain from standing too many hours, as well as lower back pain from sitting.

5. Low Back Pain Relief with a Fitness Ball

For this one, we will use a fitness ball to sit on, and a chair or other piece of furniture to support the arms and the upper body.

  • Sit on the ball, spread your legs slightly.
  • Use your elbows and upper arms to hold onto a sturdy surface (a backrest) that is a little higher than your shoulder level works well.
  • Try to transfer as much weight as possible to the backrest of the chair and gently move your pelvis to relax and relieve pain in your back.

This is NOT an exercise.

In this case, the fitness ball is just for sitting on a support that is not too rigid or static, so that the pelvis can move freely.
Sitting and moving, even just a little, is much better for your back than sitting still.

6. Pain Relief from an Herniated Disc

In these 2 articles, I explain how to relieve your back if you suffer from a herniated disc.
Do those slowly, avoiding unnecessary strain.

The 1st exercise is also available on the Youtube channel. As for the second, it is the subject of a popular Pin on Pinterest.

Back Pain Relief: what works

These are known tricks, but in my opinion largely underestimated and which relieve back pain in a much more effective way than most exercises.

  • Back massaging: provides relief, but it’s only temporary
  • A long hot shower, also soothes the pain
  • Avoid seated position for extended period of time
  • A well positioned pillow
  • Rest, but not too much
  • A little physical activity like walking, because moving is good for you.

Good to Know for Instant Back Pain Relief

If your back hurts and you stay seated, there is no chance that it will get any better or that you will have less pain at any given time, unless you fill up on medication.
If you absolutely must sit down, prefer a high stool that allows you to lean on it without sitting down, or possibly a gym ball that allows you to move while sitting, but no way to linger on it.