Muvman sit stand stool review

The Muvman sit stand stool is the only ergonomic stool i’ve had, on which I can sit for hours without feeling low back pain or any other back inconvenience at the end of the day which makes it one of the very best stools for bad back (for me).

And since the french post about the Muvman stool review is so popular on my blog, I thought I would share it and translate it in English, because this may be the solution for some of you people out there who suffer from lower back pain and can’t figure out how to deal with it, having to sit on a cheap chair for hours at the office.

Trust me, I’ve been there for years

Long story short I’ve been diagnosed with herniated discs and degenerative discs disease 10 years ago.
I have recovered from most of it without surgery.
My back is still a bit weak but 10 years ago I thought I would end up on a wheel chair.

Today I can do lots of things (running, gardening, chopping wood, etc) without feeling any back pain.

Anyway, back to the Muvman sit stand stool review.

The Muvman ergonomic sit stand stool

Unlike most of the ergonomic office chairs on the market, the upper body weight is much more balanced and does not weigh constantly on the same spot of the spine: (that one spot that hurts so much), which on the long run, ends up creating tensions, low back pain in the lower & mid back pain.

This height adjustable stool allows to sit like on a regular chair, to sit stand or to almost stand and you can switch between the 3 positions easily: the key concept here is that it’s always the legs that are in control of the weight and balance of the body: when you sit or sit stand on the Muvman stool, you keep moving to keep your balance (hence the name: Muvman Stool).

You just can’t slouch while sitting on this stool!

There’s no back support no armrests and no headrest either.
When you “sit stand” on the Muvman stool, your knees are lower than your pelvis which is why the lower back doesn’t have to support the upper body weight and why low back pain is relieved.

On most ergonomic stools chairs I’ve used or when sitting in the car, the low back is like “trapped” between the legs and the pelvis and this highly promotes low back pain, sciatica & eventually leads to herniated discs.

Sitting just kills your back.

You’re not going to get any relief until you stop sitting for days, trust me on this one.

Here are some benefits on sitting on the Muman stool instead of sitting on a regular desk chair

  • Automatically exercice the musculature & burning calories
  • Tendons & joins remain active
  • Vertebral discs are relieved from pressure
  • Blood circulations remains active

Watch this video and learn why the more you keep moving, the better (even when sitting)

Last but not least: The Muvman stool is light enough to be moved easily to the kitchen for cooking or in the garden or wherever you want to relax but not sit.
Picture this as if you were sitting on your legs, instead of sitting on your low back.

The only drawbacks I can think of are the price of the stool (it costs like 500 US$.) and also it goes along with an height adjustable desk which you probably would have to buy also.
So it’s quite a bit of money but what wouldn’t you do if you have a bad back to get rid of that low back pain or at least get some relief ?

This very short video from Aeris is in German, but it shows what the Muvman sit stand stool looks like and some of the ways it is used for active sitting.

muvman sit stand stool elevated deskAnd this is my latest custom working space setup.

  • I have my Muvman sit stand stool
  • The ball I’m using as foot rest + it helps me keep my foot moving
  • A couple of counter top elements I bought from Ikea to elevate the computer & to be able to work standing instead of sitting and prevent back pain.
  • An ergonomic arm & elbow support which also helps preventing back pain.

Aeris / Swopper website